Founder’s Fund

Founder's Fund

As a tribute to Pacific Arts Movement’s founding Executive Director, Lee Ann Kim, the Board of Directors has established a Founder’s Fund.

For more than 16 years, Lee Ann has dedicated her life to building a more compassionate society through the power of cinema and storytelling. Under her leadership, we have produced more than 100 youth documentaries, premiered over 2,000 films, hosted hundreds of independent filmmakers and artists, and served more than a quarter of a million people.

Most importantly, we have helped change lives, expand hearts and minds, and create a community that never existed before.

This Founder’s Fund is an opportunity for you to participate in this tribute to Lee Ann and support her legacy.

We ask that you consider donating $1 in recognition of each of the 16 years that she has led the organization ($16). Larger gifts are also welcomed in honor of Lee Ann’s dedicated service to our community. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

At Lee Ann’s request, the Founder’s Fund will be designated towards supporting film licensing and artist fees for our Fall film festival.

To make your gift, please click here.

From all of us at Pac Arts, we thank you so much for your continued support.

Lee Ann and 2016 Board of Directors


We would like to acknowledge some of the members and individuals who have generously contributed to the Founder’s Fund in honor of Lee Ann’s legacy:

  • The Jacobson Hashimoto family
  • Glen Ong
  • Deb Hall
  • Steven Barlow
  • Carol Chin
  • Megan Lam
  • Mitchell Reff
  • Antoinette Raymond
  • Glenn Heath Jr.
  • Jenny Benson
  • Johnny Chou
  • Liza Suh
  • Cynthia Kashiwagi
  • Heidi Yuen
  • Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
  • Criselda Yee
  • Dennis-Michael Broussard
  • David Stephen Lukas
  • Philip and Tricia Lin
  • Jared Cui and Miranda Ko
  • Lina Park
  • Gary Wong
  • Connie Matsui
  • Karen Lim and Nathan Ginoza
  • Wilda Wong
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Bob Kelly
  • Wendy Urushima-Conn
  • Marichu Magana
  • Cassandra Wong
  • Stephen Silverman
  • Lynne Matthews
  • Rodney Lanthorne
  • Harlen Bayha
  • Arlene Yang
  • Donna Lee
  • Rich Lee
  • Maria Elena Delgado
  • Shirley Omori
  • Paula Kim
  • Nick Leon-Guerrero
  • Mike Watson
  • Paul Bergman
  • Deborah Gerlach
  • Jeffrey Lehmann
  • Anne Chu
  • Mai Hoang
  • Anne Rosser
  • Linda Sotelo
  • Yen Simpson
  • Wendy Wong
  • Jerrilyn Malana
  • Anita Dawson
  • Lily Higman
  • Ben Dimagmaliw
  • Victor and Kat Flores
  • Diana Martinez
  • Brian Sun
  • Kent and Phuong Lee
  • Elise Kim Prosser
  • Amethyst Lewis
  • Matt Jumper
  • Randy Gage
  • Ed Nomura
  • Ernest Tamayo
  • Philip Chung
  • Mitsuo Tomita
  • Jason Nou
  • Jaejung Kim
  • Wendy Grice

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