Reel Voices 2013 Comes to a Close

August 14, 2013 @ 7:26 pm
by PacArts


Hello! This is Reel Voices.

Off we go! We started off our summer with a trip to the LA Film Fest, where we were able to watch other youth films that fueled them to make their own creative films, had encouraging chats with filmmakers who were also Reel Voices mentor/advisors, and watched an uplifting feature documentary called “Venus Vs” by director Ava Duvernay. It was a very entertaining and educational trip for us since a lot of us have never been to such big film event.

For classes, we have been meeting every Mondays and Wednesdays for 3 hours at the Pac-Arts office since mid-June. We have learned how to properly use a DSLR and use Final Cut Pro to edit the footages. Not only did we learn the technicalities of filmmaking, but also learned how to bring in a creative edge to their work. By now their initial notion that documentaries are boring, often about history, talking-head interview films, but is a genre that allows people to reveal a hidden story, express creativity, and inspire others.

This year, we were also fortunate to have a variety of guest speakers visit our class to give talks. We had Mr. Peter Gray from the Ken Blanchard Company, Professor Leeva Chung from USD, Vikas Srivastava from Studio West– also the Pac-Arts staff such as Lee Ann, Brian, and Phil– all of them had unique lectures that encouraged us to finish our work strong, but to also be filmmakers that bring positive changes to the community and be empowering to those that need help.Many of us have finished filming, and now will be busy editing using the iMacs in the Pac-Arts office (thank you Councilmember Kevin Faulconer, for awarding Pac-Arts a City Council Community Projects, Program & Services (CPPS)!) Remember, the goal of Reel Voices is for us to create our own short documentary film to premiere at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in November. Looks like we’ve got topics that range from girls in b-boy dance crews, youth struggling with diebetes, grandpa’s memories, to life in a day of a teen mom. I hope you can join us in the fall at our premiere screening to enjoy our final piece!We will also be hosting a Drive By Cinema at the Memorial Bowl in Chula Vista (373 Park Way) on Friday, August 23 (when sun goes down). We will feature short films that we curated on our own– films for youth, by youth, about youth, and more! Hope you can join us!

A closing remark from Reel Voices coordinator, Jini Shim: What I found very special about this year’s group was the exceptional energy and commitment that the students’ shows toward each other. A few of the students managed to come to class by bus and trolley (for some the trip was close to 2 hours one-way…!) This group was also willing to open up and be very engaged in a group conversation, sharing personal thoughts about either a certain film, a peer footage, a class lesson, etc. I think this has to do with their ability to be open and be compassionate to others’ opinion. For the time being they’re aspiring to become leaders in the youth media arts movement and aim to spread knowledge to a bigger audience.
On another note, last year’s Reel Voices films are still traveling film festivals all around the nation. Recently, Katie Silverstein’s “Beginnings” played at the Asian American Int’l Film Fest. Thank you to all the film festivals that screen and promote youth works.
Please check out the Reel Voices page for other updates. Applications for next year’s Reel Voices will begin in March 2014. For any inquiries or comments, please email reelvoices [at]
Thank you!

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