Drive By Cinema

Drive-By Cinema (DBC) was inspired by the late George Lin, former San Diego Asian Film Festival Associate Director, who once proposed buying old mail trucks to drive around the city to project films. In the same spirit, Pac-Arts refurbished an old truck to cruise around high foot traffic areas and blast films wherever they can. There are no rules of engagement. Pedestrians and followers will decide what to do with the film. They can walk in and out, they can talk, they can eat, or they can ignore it altogether. This is an experiment in audience-driven cinema exhibition, fused to the very localness and publicness of ordinary spaces.

Drive By Cinema was a two-year experimental mobile cinema determined to make its own map of San Diego, one filled with lively stomping grounds from today as well as those forgotten from a time gone by. DBC was made possible by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation’s Exploring Engagement Fund.

PHASE 1 of the Drive By Cinema Project was completed on June 27, 2014. What remains is the commemorative book.

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Hardcover 9.75” x 8.25”
64 full-color pages
Limited edition
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.
All proceeds benefit Pacific Arts Movement.

Drive-By Cinema: A photo essay of a mobile cinema experiment which took place over the course of two years in San Diego, California. Underneath the dampening gaze of permits, neighborhood associations, and civic expectations, Drive-By Cinema popped up in the middle of commute hours and shopping routines, chasing experiences to be invented with its audience and exploring the ways cinema can temporarily transform a place, whether on gilded sidewalks, over cracked walls, or while moving under the night sky. With Forward by film studies scholar and Pacific Arts Movement Artistic Director Brian Hu.