Karen Lim and Nathan Ginoza
Theresa Hadley
Sylvia Hom
Charles Kaufman
Cesar Magpuri

Monica Rodriguez
Margo Spears
Barbara Tagami
Kurtis Wong

FRIENDS ($60-$75)

Melanie Abalde-Martinez and Jordan Martinez
Beth Accomando Weidinger
Marie Angelini
Steph and Berkeley Austin
Maria Ballesteros
Benito Bautista and Emma Francisco
Eloise Bienvenu
Orah Bilmes
Flores Bishop
Jose Bucud
Linda and Edgar Canada
Jennifer and Grace Chang
Erin Wen Ai Chew
Carolyn Chin and Jennifer Samore
Amelia Chu and Matthew Alejo
Mariaelena Delgado and John Weaver
Tamia Dowlatabadi
Grace Duvall
Noel Fong
Anchalee Gaffney and Michael Quill
Wendy Grice
Rey Guerrero
Ginger Hague
Sherry Hall and Judy Ortiz
Brian Hee and Kaori Fukuyama
Dan Ho
Emma Hom and Melissa Lum
Kristen and Elliot Hung
Clare and Hajime Kanoya
Trinh Le
Amy and Scott Levine
Polly and Fah-Seong Liew
Sylvia Lim
Lou Lou
Po Chuy Ma

Jeff Man
Joe Mazares
Steve McGivern and Leslie DiBona
Victoria McKellips
Keith Momon
Johnathan Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen and Hipolito Sebastian
Nicholas O’Connor
Chris Ong and Carol Hastanan
Glen Ong
Gary and June Osborne
Raymond Park
Chad Patton
Richard Payne and Yali Yue
Travis Perreira
Kent Pun
Clara and Francis Ree
Annie Ross
Anne Rosser
Ruth Marie L. San Filippo
Cristina and Randy Schaffer
Janice and Wilbur Shigehara
Darren Solano
Lucille Sun
Christine Tang
Mitsuo Tomita
Henry and Elena Tuyay
Janis Valente
Matthew Wang
Terri and Guy Wemett
Laura Williams
Kathy Wong
Li-Ann Wong and Theresa Lai
Candice and Dolly Woo
Arlene Yang Household
Lorie and Eric Zapf Household

DONOR ($100-$130)

Jason Bechtel and Laura Turvey
Heidi Beintema and Rachel Bruno
David Bieger and Marjorie Snyder
Hui Cao and Tong Tang
Chris Cate and Maria Lourdes Cabuang
Albert Chao and Leira Digma
Jeremy Chavez and Crystal Cornejo
Sonia and Jeff Chin
Melissa Croteau
Margaret Curtin
Emily Dang and Lita Petcharaporn
Charlene and David Dennis
Amy Fan and Karen Hsia
Alan Ferber and Holly Schroeder
Jonathan Fohrman and Trudi Wihongi
Olivia Fu
Victor Gutierrez
Richard Ho
Gayle Hom and Morgan Zemen
Darren Kaharian
David and Carol Kawamoto
Dr Lloyd La Plant Jr and Jeanette La Plant
Annette Lau
Donna and Chun Lee
Rich and Soang Lee
Mary Jo and Nelson Leone
Earl Lozada
Nicholas and Alyona Lyovin
Paul C Marra and Joel Valenzuela

Lynne Matthews and Philip Bienvenu
Donna McLoughlin
Ellen Miyashiro and Gary Sakagawa
Raquel Nguyen
Amy Okamura
Pat Pepper
Kim Phan and Quan Le
Ty Phimmasone
Edward Pruitt
Mai Quach
Peter Quon and Denise Leon
Craig and Silvia Reid
Kenneth Riha
Shirley Sanz and Joyce Lee
Mariel and Jayson Schmidt
Zhu Shen and Perry Chen
Teresa Skrepenski and Omid Kalantar
Annie So
Marion So
Nancy Taylor
Brian Thai
Tai Truong
Christina Vo and Vince Ilano
Andrew Wang and Kendell Padrick
Patricia Wu and John Lewis
Yuo-Sheng Wu and Jessica Sinado
SueAnne Yee and Dario Wong
Heidi Yuen and Chris Larson

SUPPORTER ($250-$300)

Leana Ahmed and Curtis Taylor
Elias Almazan
Mylinh and Andrew Arnett
Lupe and Timothy Brictson
Arthur Carbonell
Jonathan Cheng
Helen Cruz and Allan Regala
Liz Devin
Russell Ginns
Roxanne Girard
Frances Naty Go and Ben Diaz
Pamela Hoo
Bruce Inman
Shirl Jones
Sunny Kim
Derek Kolterman
Lawrence Ladao and Anne Chan
Nivard Lansangan
Bridget McDonald and Jean-Pierre Prieur
Ellen Miyashiro
Diane Montondo and Rena Rowe
Hoang Tan Nguyen and Dredge Byung Chu Kang
Ed and Keumhee Nomura
Shirley Omori and Efton Woodford
John and Mariette Pascasio

Roger Perez
Guy Poirier
Peter Ree and Karen Paek
Ree Ree and K. Wayne Yang
Bill Reeve
David Shina
Liza Suh and Daniel Monin
Guohua Sun
Christine Tang
Bill and Joyce Nabeta Teague
Yen Tu and Joe Passaretti
Henry and Elena Tuyay
Erica Ueland
Janis Valente and K.R. Ridge
Matthew Wang
Terri and Guy Wemett
Laura Williams
Ji Yun Winfree
Kathy Wong
Li-Ann Wong and Theresa Lai
Candice and Dolly Woo
Douglas Wu
Brian Yamamoto
Arlene Yang
Lorie and Eric Zapf

PATRON ($500-$580)

Gale and Steven Barlow
Robert and Nicole Pineda-Booker
A Chou and Nancy Hobbs
Johnny Chou
Mary deLeon and Joel Thorp
Gordon and Linda Gidlund
Ronald and Wynnona Goldman
Kahn Ha and Jiyoung Kim
Deb and Jeff Hall
Kathleen and Michael Ilacqua
Kenneth and Charlene Kawabata Household
Kevin Kwon and Denise Tran-Nguyen Household

Mymy Lu and Kyle Nakanishi
May McLean and Ady Hom
Richard and Lois Miller
Laureen Ong and Richard Skwarek
Kim Phan
Jayrell Ringpis
Sabrina and Ella Ruiz
Brigid and Russell Schnapp
Gayle Ta and Jeremy Pizzola
Taiga Takahashi and Ling Tai
Ky Tran Phan and Michael Ly
Cuong Trang Household
Charles and Linda Tu Household

PRODUCER ($1,000-$1,100)

Connie and Cam Baher
Harlen and June Bayha
Michelle Belgar
Stephen Chin
Bernice Esguerra
Theresa and Michael Frazier
Sheila Abrenica Kanoya and Justin Kanoya
Kent and Phuong Lee
Lorraine Lee

Stephen Lew and Jennifer Huynh
Tricia and Philip Lin
Julie Mai
Tess Mauricio and James Lee
Robert Nadalin and Yukiko Kato
Andy Nahas
Gary and Kathy Wong
Leon Wu and Sambath Tiep

LEGACY ($10,000-$10,500)

Edna and Robert Ito


Paul Bergman and Sandra Chong-Bergman
Allan Camaisa
Erika and Michael Cheswick
Johnny Chou
Lois Fong-Sakai and Willie Sakai
Jeff Krebs and Fritz Friedman
Randy Gage and Liese Harter
Marshall Gamboa
Wendy Gillespie
Matthew Jumper

Ken Kalb and Jin Ginns
Lee Ann Kim and Louis Song
Ed and Shirley Lee
Virginia Mar Jip & Diana Mar Jip-Chuh
Connie Nguyen
Steve and Cheryl Peace
Pat Pepper
Mitchell and Miyo Reff


San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation