ANTOINETTE RAYMOND is a proud member of Pac Arts.  A rockstar working mom, PTA president, jet-setter and self-proclaimed nerd, “I cry when the USS Enterprise first comes on the screen.” 


1)  Tell us about yourself.

I’m a local gal – grew up in San Diego.  I married a Brit and am now lucky enough to live in both Del Mar and in London, England.  Lots of frequent flyer miles… but I get to live in two cities that are as different as they can be and both AMAZING.

I’m an organizational psychologist – with a doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology.  That’s a fancy way of saying that I’m a management consultant.  My specialty is in organizational change, creativity, strategic planning and executive leadership development.  Do I love what I do?  Absolutely!  I get to travel the world and help smart people be even smarter with their businesses/organizations.

But what I love even more than my work is my amazing family.  I love being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin and a niece.  My family is awesome.  We like being together – eating, celebrating, laughing… and we do that… a lot!

What else do I love?  Movies.  Books.  Art.  Music.  If I can lose myself – and stop thinking and just enjoy and feel???  Bliss.  And movies, books, art and music do that for me.

2) Who has had the biggest influence on your life & why?

My mom.  She was a professional, working mom (OB GYN nurse practitioner) who showed me you maybe can’t do it all… but you can do it fabulously.  She lost my dad and brother in a car accident when I was 17 y/o… and showed me that strength, fortitude, unconditional love and prayer can triumph.

3)  What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I am really a 15 y/o boy at heart.  I love all things tech-y, nerdy and sci-fi and other worldly.  I cry when the USS Enterprise first comes on the screen.  I dressed “full Leia” on Star Wars opening night.  I believe the infinity stones are real.  I play hooky from work (and convince another 25+ friends to skip work) to watch Marvel, etc. movies on opening day.

4)  Why is Pacific Arts Movement meaningful to you?

I am proud of my heritage.  I love movies and storytelling in any art form.  And Pac Arts brings together two of my passions.  Not to mention, Lee Ann and her crew are awesome and always fun to play with and support!Antoinette SDAFF 2015 photo

5) Do you have a fave Pac Arts moment?

Watching Happy Slip with my mom (and watching her laugh during Christine Gambito’s interview with Lee Ann).

Oh – sorry.  One more.  Watching my daughter Isabella (then 3 ½ years old) with her cousin Milan getting to watch the premiere of Nihao Kai-lan in full princess costumes.  That was pretty cool.

6)  Words you live by

Focus and clarity release potential!

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