Dear Filmmakers:

We want you to succeed, we want your best. But before you click submit to the San Diego Asian Film Festival on Withoutabox, think about this basic question– “Will Your Film Get Into the San Diego Asian Film Festival?“ Did you feel a slight hesitation? No? So you’re confident you’re in?

Before you answer with a Steve Jobs-like enthusiasm, consider this flowchart:


(Chart by Brian Hu, Illustration by Erwin Mendoza)

As programmers, every year we screen hundreds of hopeful films for the upcoming festival. In 2012, we gave you a formula on how we decide:
(((Lin/Ebert)+Salivation+(Professor*3)+Gangnam)/(Film’s running time))x(beats/minute)

This year, we broke tradition with the formula and came up with this chart. We think the flowchart is better for our eyes and brain anyways. It’s going to be up to you to if you were smart enough to book Harry Shum Jr a few months ago for your feature. We just hope it’s the real Harry Shum Jr and not a fake Harry Shum Jr. Also think twice about calling in that favor for having David Choi do your score, it doesn’t look good.

Remember the final deadline is ONLY for feature length submissions. If you want to go over the qualifications, click here.

Good luck filmmakers, God speed.

-Erwin Mendoza