5 Favorite SDAFF LGBT Films

5 Favorite SDAFF LGBT Films

San Diego LGBT Pride weekend is upon us. There’s a lot of Orange is the New Black love with Laverne Cox serving as this year’s keynote speaker. For more of the happenings slated to go on in Hillcrest this weekend we refer you to https://sdpride.org/. Also, if you take a closer look at the schedule of musical performances, Charice will be performing on Sunday.

In keeping with theme with San Diego LGBT Pride here’s a short rundown of five favorite SDAFF LGBT films.

Colma: The Musical (SDAFF 2006)

The film is a coming of age story for three teenagers from Colma, a place where there are more dead people than alive. Colma: The Musical was the debut film from Richard Wong (Yes, We’re Open) and writer H.P. Mendoza (I Am A Ghost). H.P. Mendoza’s character struggle with coming out in a strict Filipino household echoes not just Filipino, Asian communities but to a diverse population who have encountered similar circumstances. And you have to give credit to H.P. Mendoza as he also wrote the music for the film, which stands out as one of the few Asian American musical films out there.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (SDAFF 2013)

The film centers around Weichung who left the gay life 9 years ago. But when love arrives, can he leave his wife and kids? What’s a true gay man to do? The film wants you to believe in true love and embracing who you truly are. A heart warming narrative that entices us to be suckers for true love.


LuLu Sessions (SDAFF 2011)

Simply, a beautiful tale of a woman dying of breast cancer and the best friend who captured the last moments on camera. Brian Hu interviewed her for the 12th SDAFF website, and even there the filmmaker, S. Casper Wong, is candid about her best friend. This movie will make you cry, but feel free to laugh as these two people confront death with the deepest of love.

In The Family (SDAFF 2011)

Set in the South, a gay Asian man helps his family truly understand love. This is a movie that we still marvel at. This film brought us Patrick Wang and the intimate and delicate way of telling a story about love. Love makes people understand the most uncomfortable opinions about an idea and of people.


To Be Takei (Spring Showcase 2014)

A documentary following the poster couple for marriage equality, George Takei and husband/manager Brad Takei. The film wasn’t technically at SDAFF, but it did sell out at our Spring Showcase earlier this year, and George Takei’s wit and sense of humor doesn’t stray from the film. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say that the Takeis have a soft spot for San Diego as they have appeared at SD Pride, SDAFF, and even premiered George Takei’s musical, Allegiance, here.