A Personal Message and Announcement from Lee Ann Kim

A Personal Message and Announcement from Lee Ann Kim

My Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends of Pac Arts,

After serving as the Founder and Executive Director of Pacific Arts Movement for more than 16 years, I have decided to transition out of my role by April 8, 2016. I am deeply thankful to each one of you for contributing to the success of Pac Arts and being a part of this incredible journey.

Some of my dearest friends and most precious memories come from this organization. We have laughed and cried together. We have also inspired, enlightened, and changed the lives of thousands of people through our mission. We have produced more than 100 youth documentaries that have traveled around the world and garnered awards and scholarships for our Reel Voices students.

This work, however, is far from over as recent world events demonstrate the need for more compassion and cross-cultural understanding.

Rest assured, our programs will continue. Today, Pac Arts is the strongest it has ever been with a passionate, engaged board, loyal members and volunteers, successful programs and partnerships, 16 straight years of operating in the black, and the most committed and aligned staff that I could have ever dreamed of.

These factors set up the perfect time for me to make room for new leadership at Pac Arts so I can redirect my personal priorities towards my family, especially my children. A new role awaits for me at home – to be the kind of wife and mother that I have never taken the time to be. With two 10-year-old boys, I could think of no more important service to my community than to raise them as compassionate, humble leaders. This will be my new focus and my new full-time job.

I respectfully ask for your blessing, and hope you will support my decision by committing your ongoing participation with Pac Arts during this transition period and beyond my tenure.

Both our board and staff have expressed their wholehearted support and are already moving forward with the transition process. We have also established a search committee, led by board members Stephen Chin and Wendy Gillespie to find my successor. Of course, I will do whatever I can to ensure a smooth and successful transition, and we will certainly update you along the way.

While I will miss the work, I am excited to see the next chapter unfold for Pac Arts. I will be here in San Diego cheering from the sidelines, as I will always be a faithful member and ardent advocate of this beautiful organization. I am so honored and privileged to have served you in this capacity.

With Love and Light,

Lee Ann Kim