Chew the Scene Spotlight: Cali Baguette

Chew the Scene Spotlight: Cali Baguette

Vietnamese cuisine has a lot to offer besides pho and broken rice dishes. We previously highlighted Phuong Trang and their chicken wings, but this time we want to focus on another Vietnamese Chew The Scene partner, Cali Baguette.

Cali Baguette is known for their bánh mì which are French bread sandwiches packed with some sort of meat, pickled radishes, mayo, fresh cilantro and jalapeño. In the American South, bánh mì are sometimes referred to as Vietnamese po-boys because of their common denominator— French baguette. Cali Baguette bakes each loaf of bread in-house everyday and comes out with a crisp crust and airy center.

The French baguette is the star of Cali Baguette’s operation, besting many bánh mì sandwiches around town.

Vietnamese spring rolls: a favorite sandwich of many is the BBQ pork banh mi, but you’re allowed to be adventurous. If you’re in the mood for breakfast there’s a ham, cheese, and egg banh mi you could pair with a Vietnamese Iced Coffee for a breakfast of champions.

Bean curd wrapped shrimp: what everyone loves about Cali Baguette, including our staff, is the unbelievable price for the taste. The price, taste, and their multiple locations across the city makes Cali Baguette an easy call for lunches on the run.

We’re excited to have Cali Baguette to join us for our festival kick-off event, Chew The Scene. The tickets are sold out, so enjoy them on October 2nd with us or you could visit their many locations listed on their website.