Chew the Scene Spotlight: Saffron

Chew the Scene Spotlight: Saffron

We are honored and excited to welcome Su Mei Yu, and her acclaimed Thai restaurant,Saffron to Chew The Scene. Saffron and Su Mei are well respected institutions in the local Asian food scene and on the celebrity chef circuit. Fun fact: when the Pac-Arts folks came up with the radical idea to create an event combining film and food (our two greatest loves), these two were part of our inspiration.

Saffron has called Mission Hills home since 1985 and expanded to two locations next door to each other. Saffron’s first location focuses on saffron marinated chicken plates, hence its official name Saffron Thai Grilled Chicken. While the saffron chicken is their most famous dish, you can’t go wrong with the rest of the menu. One of our staff favorites is a fresh order of the Fantastic Egg Rolls…and yes, they are just as fantastic as their name suggests.

If you’re looking for Thai noodle dishes, head next door to Saffron Noodle & Sate. The Chicken Pad Thai tastes delicious with the fresh ingredients Su-Mei Yu emphasizes in her cooking philosophy. The menu at both restaurants reflects her research for new recipes and commitment to seasonal ingredients. Not to mention, if you’re ever bound to leave San Diego via Lindbergh Field, Saffron is now at the Terminal 2 expansion. Pro tip: Mango sticky rice on your next flight out will make the whole plane jealous.

Food is the essential ingredient that spices up our history and personal experiences. We all have a food story to tell. – Su-Mei Yu

Su-Mei Yu’s work at Saffron has built up her career and celebrity, including appearances on Martha Stewart’s show, Food Network, the Today Show, and nationwide acclaim for her bold Thai cooking. She even has her own show on KPBS, Savor San Diego (The most recent episode is on the left). Su-Mei Yu is our special guest at Chew the Scene. Buy your tickets now before they sell out to eat up with Pac-Arts, Su Mei, and Saffron!

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