Zia Sinclair

Zia sinclair

Development Manager

Zia Sinclair is an arts and culture professional, advocate, and visual artist with an academic background in Digital Journalism Studies. She brings extensive professional experience from the nonprofit sector. Zia’s work has been exhibited as a visual artist at venues such as the San Diego Art Institute, the Oceanside Museum of Art, La Bodega Gallery, and various local art spaces.

As a strong advocate for the arts, Zia has recently honed her advocacy skills through the San Diego Emerging Leaders Arts Advocacy Program, a collaboration between SD Art Matters and California for the Arts. In this capacity, she actively supports the essential role of arts and culture in community growth, economic opportunities, and social cohesion. Zia’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of art drives her advocacy, seeing it as a potent medium for emotional expression, opinion sharing, and stimulating conversations that foster positive community development. Her advocacy extends to ensuring that the arts are represented at the legislative level, securing funding, advancing policies that benefit artists, and ensuring a creative future for California. 

Zia is deeply committed to her community, constantly striving to make significant contributions. In her leisure time, she immerses herself in art-house cinema, indulges in reading, and creates visual art, frequently experimenting with both digital and analog photography and videography.