5 Reasons to Join Us for the Kick-Off Party, Chew the Scene

5 Reasons to Join Us for the Kick-Off Party, Chew the Scene

The films are picked and the screenings are slotted!

This year’s 16th San Diego Asian Film Festival is stacked with films we’ve been dying to share all summer with our members and audiences. We’re excited to announce films from our favorite directors, as well as some unknowns that will be sure to pleasantly surprise you.

Such a reveal deserves a party, so if you need any more reasons to join us at Chew the Scene on October 1 to officially kick-off the 16th San Diego Asian Film Festival, (website live on October 1) Nov 5-14, we’ve laid them all out for you.

#1- Be the FIRST to know about all the films and programs.

There’s something exciting about being an insider. When you’re at Chew the Scene, you’re the FIRST in San Diego (besides our programmers) that will get a taste of what’s to come at #SDAFF2015. When you’re the first to know, you get to be the one to share all the exciting films and programs with your friends- getting mad points for being the bearer of good news.

#2- Access a special SDAFF menu that has discounts only available at Chew the Scene.

You’re celebrating the kick-off of another amazing season and we want to thank you for joining us. So as a Chew the Scene ticket holder, you have special access to discounted All-Fest badges, 6-packs, and the Big Night Bundle including the Opening Night After Party in La Jolla — discounts that no one else is getting!

#3- All sensory satisfaction with sights, sounds, and savory samplings

If that title isn’t impressive enough, we don’t know what is! At Chew the Scene, all your senses will be satisfied, with music to get us in the groove for celebration, film trailers that will leave you wanting to watch more, and more than a dozen local vendors serving up delicious Asian cuisine. Your palate for food and film is sure to be satisfied.

#4- You’ll make some new friends and hang out with awesome film lovers.

Everyone at Chew the Scene shares something in common: we’re excited about SDAFF! We want to see you all in person to talk film and spill the beans on the titles, filmmakers, and bold cinematic ideas that have been at the tip of our tongues for much too long. There’s guaranteed to be good conversation with fun people! And then it builds community and excitement to see them in a month during SDAFF from Nov 5-14!

#5- Learn the in’s and out’s of navigating the 130+ films and programs from those who chose them.

It can be overwhelming trying to dissect the 130+ films and programs that make up the San Diego Asian Film Festival. We’re proud to be the largest exhibition of Asian cinema on the West coast (that’s right- we’re larger than LA and SF!) and as the ones who chose the films, we’re eager to give you the best tips on navigating the whole 10- days and how to make the most out of your SDAFF experience.

Be the first to know. Get access to all the films and parties for a discounted price. Satisfy your crave for good film and food. Make some new friends.

Are you ready to whet your appetite for culture and stories?
Get your tickets to Chew the Scene today before they sell out!

Let us know you’re coming and be sure to post pictures with #SDAFF2015.
See you soon and cheers to an amazing sweet 16th SDAFF!